Il Sud che riscopre le sue Origini

Il Sud che riscopre le sue Origini
"Ni son todos los que están, ni están todos los que son" Gli Ebrei del Sud Italia che riscoprono le loro tradizioni di Sefarditi

4 ago 2012

Making a Jewish Life from the Heart

בית ספרד

Making a jewish life from the heart

Mar May 22 2012 (1 Sivan, 5772)

A Jewish Movement in South Italy is taking place where Jews from Sefardi origins can reconnect with their father's heritage. Not only they should come back by rediscovering these Jewish roots, but more important they should be able to recuperate them in the most similar way and close to the traditions belonged to their old families. What is very little known, is that Sefardi traditions got lost during the Inquisition but not completely. The importance to bring back to light these traditions of the past is a relevant part of the coming back of these Jews, the Anusim. To encourage the research not only through history, but also as a practical research where people them-self are part of it, and to give more space to know more about costumes of Christianos Nuevos, should be taken into account. To consider Anusim part of the Jewish Nation and to allow them to come back within their traditions rather than an enforced Conversion, I believe is a Mizvah.

And too often these Jews have been excluded in certain circumstances by more restrictive Communities, or have been forced to undergo' a full conversion as if they were not counted as Jews. It is actually sad, to think of the destiny they had to undergo' and the misfortune which occurred for a very long period of time more than 350 years, during the Inquisition. Recent studies have proved the presence of at least 40% Jews in South Italy during Inquisition times, the majority of them being already expelled from Spain as Christianos Nuevos, where only the minority of them could flee abroad and return openly Jewish, and were many of them moved to Salonicco, Izmir, Rodi the Americas, and North Europe. The remaining ones, often too poor to restart a new life, had to opt for remaining in the country and still be descendant of Christianos Nuevos, with all the traditions typical of these groups' of Jews.

Rabbi Barbara Aiello, has been working for the last ten years on a revival of Jewish life, therefore she has in 2007 opened Ner Tamid del Sud Synagogue where many Anusim and Jews from America participate. It is the first Synagogue in Calabria after 500 years and recently a Sefer Torah was brought to Sicily in Palermo as a gift to the growing Chavoura' led by Salvo Asher Parrucca, a valid student of Rabbi Aiello who with the support of Enzo Li Calzi have given a wonderful examples of how Jewish life is coming back to Sicily. On the 14th of July my son Alessandro Joseph Avraham will take his Bar Mizvah in Serrastretta, and it will be the first Bar Mizvah completely in Italian with an Italian boy: several more Bar and Bat Mizvah have taken place in the past years with children and parents who are somehow related to Italy. The boy, Ale so called for friends, is a voice from G-d's heart. His gift for Torah is wonderful, a great inspiration from above a Jewish soul. It is so important for all of us to invest with young people like him, and hopefully many more. He will in this occasion play some Jewish music on the cello. Being myself a musician, I believe there is no better words than the ones of music. These words, the notes, can go fast above and will communicate directly to people's heart.