Il Sud che riscopre le sue Origini

Il Sud che riscopre le sue Origini
"Ni son todos los que están, ni están todos los que son" Gli Ebrei del Sud Italia che riscoprono le loro tradizioni di Sefarditi

11 ott 2012

בית ספרד

Napoli Vomero Notte-29-settembre 2012
Jue Oct 11 2012 (25 Tishrei, 5773)

The Festival Napoli Vomero Notte on september 29th 2012 has hosted an interesting combination of Arts' Event with a concert performed by the Sefarad Trioand Paintings Exibition of two major artists, Sara Hazan and Walther Linis. "To give a new connotation to a concert presentation in order to bring a new message where ARTS comes from the hands" Sara Hazan. Italy September

   Sefarad Trio & Sara Hazan

The Sefarad Trio with Angela Yael Amato, violin, Gennaro Vanacore, flute and Roberta Paturzo, guitar, has been active in recent performances of Sefardi and Jewish Music in Italy, particularly in the Old Jewish Quarter in Napoli, where a flourished Jewish Community lived up to Inquisition time. The Trio performed the Jewish Music both in June-Festa della Musica e Musequality World Busk and in September-Napoli Vomero Notte, bringing to the audience alongside a musical research also the beautiful melodies of the Ladino Music, a lost tradition which indeed deserves to come to light. A connection was made within Italian and South American Composers such as Mauro Giuliani and Astor Piazzolla, to remember that the Hispanic culture and music has had great influence also on Italian and South American countries. A message of solidarity was launched with the new Musequality Project for schools which raises funds and donations to help children of developing countries to further their musical studies and in support of the Italian Bene' Anusim to return to their original roots.

 Paintings by Sara Hazan

Paintings by Walther Linis

    Concerto per Sukkot 2012

   Il Caos
   Painting by Sara Hazan and Walther Linis

   Musica dalla Spagna, Turchia, Marocco, Tunisia
   La Rosa Enflorece, Adyo Kerida

   Musica dalla Germania, Europa Orientale Polonia, Ungheria
   Russia, Ucraina
   Sun Rise - Sun SetHoraHava Naghila

   Filippo Gragnani
   ( Livorno il 3 Settembre 1768 )
   Chitarrista compositore nato a da una famiglia di musicisti e liutai
   Siciliana Dal trio op. 13 per flauto violino e chitarra

   Mauro Giuliani
   ( Bisceglie il 27 Luglio 1781 – 1829)
   Chitarrista, Compositore e violoncellista Italiano
   Fu tra i primi chitarristi e compositori per chitarra
   Lied op. 89,Abschied per voce e chitarra

   Antonio Paliotti
   Valdo's Rag, Valzer e Tango Argentino
   Scott Joplin
   The Entertainer   

   Astor Piazzolla
   (1921- 1992) Musicista Argentino
   ritenuto uno dei migliori virtuosi di bandeoneon.

בית ספרד